About me…

Hallo! I’m Tyree Campbell, and this is my personal website. Welcome!

You’re here for one or more of three reasons. One, you’ve heard about me; two, you want to know something about me; three, you stumbled here by accident and figured, what the heck. Well, I don’t know how much I can help you in your quest for knowledge. Like you, I’m made of good things and flaws, trying to work on the good and eradicate the flaws. I don’t think anyone ever sets out specifically to do good, though. I mean, who gets up in the morning, yawns, stretches, and says, “I think I’ll do some good today.” No, what happens is, you do the best you can, and at the end of the day, maybe you hope you did some good. And if along the way you can get rid of a flaw, you do so and make it forever. See? Nothing much unusual about me . . . I’m not what I was. And I’m not where I’m going to be. I’m . . . well, I’m en route. Aren’t we all?

Ah, but how do I see myself?

Well, the first thing I do when I look in the mirror is run screaming from the room [hey, when you get to be my age, so will you]. It’s the second thing that counts, however. What I see in the mirror is a writer. What I do is tell stories. It’s what I was meant to do, it’s what God gave me a modicum of talent to do. I do it fairly well, apparently. I’ve won a Darrell Award, and I’m a Rhysling finalist. I’ve also been nominated for a Spectrum, a Lambda, three Tiptrees, two more Darrells, and probably a couple others along the way that I didn’t know about. I’ve also won three SF/Fantasy writing contests. So I’ve risen above the chopped-liver stage. Now I’m Braunschweiger :-). The next stage is cotto salami.

I write mostly science fiction, some horror, a few fantasy pieces. I’ve nothing against horror or fantasy, but genres are merely vehicles in which a story can be carried. Like all writers, I “see” stories; I “envision” what happens. And so far, that vision has seen mostly stories that can best be conveyed in a science fiction setting. I have also written in a couple of the subgenres, notably paranormal and steampunk.

These days I spend most of my time writing. Otherwise, I read a lot. I’ll probably blog on this site about what I’m reading, but for the moment I’m working on “Jane Eyre.” It’s a great character study, which aside from being a good story, also shows writers how to develop characters. Bronte’s writing is easy to follow and easy to read, despite the fact that many writers of that era tended to be prolix on occasion. I just finished John Brunner’s “The Long Result,” which he wrote in 1965, and “The Book Of Spies,” by Gayle Lynds, who writes along the lines of Robert Ludlum.

I like dogs. The first dog that was ever mine only was Abba [1989-2002], who was a Newfoundland/border collie mix, and whom I still miss. I found Keeya, an Australian cattle dog who regards the occupants of this house as her herd, in an animal shelter. She’d been abandoned twice, and still has separation issues whenever I have to travel. She’s getting on in years, too, born in 1999 as she was. That’s the hardest part: having to say goodbye. It always is . . .

Yeh, I watch a bit of television. I put the NFL or the Cubs on for background noise. When the fans cheer, I’ll turn around and watch the replay. I like a show that challenges the mind, with characters that are complex and not cardboard. Examples are The Mentalist, MacGyver, The Avengers [British series from the 60s], Star Trek: Voyager, and Doctor Who, both classic and new [although the new Season 6 episodes are rather disjointed and confusing]. I’m coming to like Castle as well. And yeh, the best SF series ever is either Doctor Who or Firefly.

I’ll have a few other things to say in my blogs now and then, so do stop back by. For now, I’ve a story to work on . . .